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Mangalarga Marchador

Photo on Right:  Owner/Operator/Trainer, Brooke, with stallion, Cheveyo do MManor. When not training her younger horses, Brooke enjoys Mounted Shooting with Cheveyo. 

At Marchadors InMotion our passion is fueled by the exceptionally kind temperament, but more so by, the incredibly smooth ride of the Mangalarga Marchador.  Our vision is to consistently breed quality, naturally gaited Marchadors.  We are specially geared toward breeding for gait. Hence the name, Marchadors InMotion!  At Marchadors InMotion, we feel that to attempt to explain a Marchador to a person who has not personally experienced the breed and its exceptional characteristics is to risk being perceived as if one is overrating the breed.  It is for this reason that we invite you to personally meet the Mangalarga Marchador horses of Marchadors InMotion.  Please watch the video below to gain perspective on these horses in Brazil.

Mangalarga Marchador - O Cavalo do Brasil

Mangalarga Marchador - The Horse of Brazil

Note:  This video above was produced in Brazil by Tucura Films and depicts how large breeding operations are run in Brazil.  As you will see, the

stallions are used as the work horses and the mares are turned out to live almost entirely off the land, as herd animals, until foaling and breeding season. 

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