Marchadors InMotion   

        Breeding & Training For a Superior Gait in the Mangalarga Marchador Horse  

Enamorado do InMotion


( aka - Rado )


Photos Taken at 10 Hours Old


Below:  Lendario das Aguas JM, sire of Rado. 

Name: Enamorado do InMotion

DOB:  May 6th, 2017

Color:  sorrel

Sex:   stud colt

Sire:  Lendario das Aguas JM

Dam:  Aliane Fazenda Zouga

This red colt's name, Enamorado, means "Lover" in Portuguese.  We chose this name for two reasons.  The first being that his dam's barn name is "Amora," and the word Amora is in the name EnAMORAdo! We also think the name fits him because he is such a sweet colt. Because he is a red horse and his beautiful chrome markings are totally rad, we thought Rado would be a good barn name. 

Rado is half brother to Ferro Coragem InMotion, our buttermilk buckskin colt, but the two are unique in many ways. Rado looks to have a centered gait with long legs.  We expect he'll be a tall colt that will make an exceptional stallion. He was born with excellent conformation and looks as though someone dipped his hind legs into a vat white paint as his stockings match perfectly. This colt gaits with triple hoof support effortlessly. He looks as though he'll be a very smooth ride.

Below:  Aliane Fazenda Zouga, dam of Rado.