Marchadors InMotion   

        Breeding & Training For a Superior Gait in the Mangalarga Marchador Horse  


SR IMA DUNIT (aka - Koda)

2015 AQHA Buckskin Colt
Registration: 5674120
5 panel negative

Koda is a well bred Quarter horse with both TOPSAIL WHIZ (top side) and HOLLYWOOD DUN IT (bottom side) visibly on his papers.  His bloodlines place him in contention with some of the most sought after up-and-coming reining horses in the country today.  We expect he'll make an excellent reining  or cow horse.  Click on the his photo to see his pedigree.


2016 AQHA Grulla Filly

This 2016 grulla filly was bred and foaled in South Dakota.  Her bloodlines consist of some older cow horse lines.  She is by a stallion, KINGWOOD LEGEND, and out of a dun mare, POCO REBEL SENORITA.  She'll compete in several halter shows as a yearling and then be turned out with a herd of cattle and older quarter horses until she is ready to be started. Once she matures, she'll serve as a cow horse and breeding mare. 


2016 APHA Buckskin Tobiano Filly 

Bred and foaled in South Dakota, Tanna is a real head turner!  She is a 2016 buckskin tobiano filly sired by Kommacs Cash (smokey black grullo tobiano) out of Bueno Surprise (a double dilute pearlino).  Her lines go back to some old blood; PEPSI POCO,  POCO PINE, POCO BUENO (cutting and speed), DRIFTWOOD (know as Speedy to ropers), KING (set the conformation standard), and GAY BAR KING. She has excellent conformation with a well proportioned body and moves like a dream.  We expect she'll make a stunning hunter with her exception grace. She will be used as a broodmare and a ranch horse. We expect she'll throw some stunning foals. 

KNARLY DRIFTER (aka - Knarly)

2016 AQHA Black Filly

Also born and bred in South Dakota, this all black filly is by Kingwood Legend, out of Royal Wendywood. Kingwood Legend is known for his soft eye, kind disposition, correct conformation, and speed.  Kingwood carries some old lines in his pedigree; DRIFTWOOD (known as Speedy to ropers), POCO BUENO (known for cutting), WIMPY (1st in the AQHA registry), and PEPPY. This filly should be a power house with a sweetheart of a soul.  


Grullo Monmouth Jack / Quarter Horse Mule

A farm is never complete without at least one goat, donkey, or mule around!  Jasper came to us from the heel of Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains.  He is a beautiful slate grulla mule whose job is to trail ride with Mrs Faye Little on the trails of Florida along with the Mangalarga Marchadors.