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All services are offered at private treaty unless noted

Riding Lessons, Trail Rides, & Courses

RIDING LESSONS: We offer riding lessons in basic horsemanship on Mangalarga Marchadors Horses. We offer half hour instruction & one hour instruction at our facility. You may bring your own horse or we will provide a horse for you to ride during your lesson. HALF HOUR IS $50 & ONE HOUR IS $75 at our facility.

TRAIL RIDING: We offer personal trail rides with a guide for up to two riders at a time. Trail rides are TWO HOURS LONG & are priced at $150 PER RIDER. Rides are guided on the Florida Greenway in the Ocala or Dunnellon areas. Rides go out of Shangri'La, Landbridge, Pruitt, or Ross Prairie. Restrictions apply!

COURSES: Fundamentals of the Mangalarga Marchador - During this course, you will learn the basics about the Mangalarga Marchador & their gaits. You will also ride both a batida gaited Marchador as well as a picada gaited Marchador. THIS COURSE IS TWO HOURS for $150.

Importing a Horse

There is some conflicting information regarding the difficulty of importing a horse from Brazil. This information has been promoted to influence individuals to purchase embryos or a fetus in-utero (unborn foals). This is NOT true and would have you believe that it is impossible to import a Marchador. If you have the right knowledge, importing a Marchador (or a horse of another breed) from Brazil is not overly difficult. However, it is most definitely complicated for those who are not experienced with importation. There are precise steps that one must take in order to get the horse to clear from a common tick-borne disease in Brazil called piroplasmosis. Titers must be within a specific range in order to clear a sensitive diagnostic test used by the USDA called the cELIZA test. Our partners are experienced individuals who have imported numerous horses. For importation, one must also work with an experienced veterinarian. The average vet in Brazil doesn't have the experience exporting horses and doesn't know the proper treatment protocol. We have the connections to make your dream of importation a REALITY! Contact us today. 

Stud Services – Live Cover, Fresh Cooled, or Frozen

We also offer fresh cooled or frozen semen from our stallions. We offer live cover for Marchador mares only. We offer fresh cooled or frozen semen for all other breeds. We offer a discounted stud fee for those who are breed crossing. Please contact us for further discussion. 

Equine Event Management

Do you have an equine event coming up? We can help with all aspects of the event. Some of those aspects might include performance details, promotional materials (design & print), website design, marketing, communications, equine transportation, and barn management during the event. Whatever need arises, we are here to help you with details to assure that the event goes off with a BANG! Prices upon consultation. 

Sales   &   AGENT  

If we do not have a horse for sale that meets your needs, we can look for a Marchador in Brazil and will act as an agent for your purchase. After we’ve determined what type of gait you’d like in your horse, we will help you find a smooth, quality Mangalarga Marchador with exceptional bloodlines that matches your needs. We handle each case individually since each horses gait is individual to them. 

Endurance Conditioning

In addition to conditioning & competing with our own horses for endurance riding, we take a limit of ONE boarder for endurance. We will condition your horse for you so that you can ride in competition, or we will compete and ride your horse in competition. Contact us for further information. 

Basic Training

Do you know how to engage your Marchador to gait to its full potential? Marchadors InMotion offers the only training program on the east coast that specializes in training your Mangalarga Marchador to properly gait. We’ll also do liberty work if desired. We understand and use Brazilian techniques to refine the gait, and we have also found some techniques used with some other gaited breeds that work with the Marchador. We’ll also work with the rider, toward the end of the training cycle, to teach him/her the necessary aids used to engage the gait. We take a limited number of horses for training based on your needs and our expertise. If we feel that our services are not appropriate for your Marchador, we will help you find a trainer who is more suited for your horse’s individual needs.

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