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Registered Spotted Saddle Horse

*****​the only registered SSH X MM cross in North America*****

Breezey InMotion

Mangalarga Marchador X Spotted Saddle Horse

2019 MM x SSH Filly

BARN NAME: Bee Zeeeee

NAME: Breezey InMotion (yes, with the extra "e")

BREED: Mangalarga Marchador x Spotted Saddle Horse

Registry: National Spotted Saddle Horse Association

Registry Number: 1925040

DOB: August 5th, 2019

SIRE: Traituba Zumbido (Mangalarga Marchador)

DAM: Tricky Lady (Spotted Saddle Horse)

COLOR: Bay Tobiano

COLOR TEST: Ee, Aa, nd1/nd2, Gg, nT

GAIT TEST: A/A (homozygous for gait)

GAIT: Centro

Breezey is the product of a cross by Traituba Zumbido, a Marchador stud, and out of our Spotted Saddle Horse mare, Tricky Lady. Zum is an imported Marchador stud who is picada gaited. And, Trix is a naturally gaited Spotted Saddle Horse mare that came to us from the great state of Kentucky.

Breezey has such a presence about her. Watch her move seamlessly between gaits in the video below. She is a very naturally gaited filly. She can literally place her feet any where she chooses to put them down. She can walk, trot, pace, and canter. She had a centered gait moving in both picada and batida at liberty.

This filly is correct. With her athletic spunky nature, I suspect she would make an excellent gaited sport horse with ability to compete in endurance riding or any sport you choose. She sure looks to become one amazing smooth riding girl. Watch her video and see her ability for yourself.

Reach out to us today before someone else buys her, or we decide we can't part with this incredible naturally gaited filly. Price will increase as she ages. 

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