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DMRT3 Gene Testing for Gait


I believe in 100% transparency when selling a horse. And, this is why we gait test ALL our horses for sale! I truly love the horses that I have owned, and I want the new owner to love them as much as I have. I want the horse to have its BEST LIFE. And, I want the new owner to have their "Horse of a Lifetime."

The DMRT3 test allows for transparency and assurance for the purchaser. It allows me to best match the horse and rider. It also tells me how difficult the horse may be to train to gait once it is of riding age. Personally, I either breed all my horses, or I buy them as weanlings because I want to know the life they have led prior to my getting on their backs.

This is important because I generally do 100% of the training myself. Training horses is not what I do for a living. I have a day job! My horses are my passion and my hobby. I build a bond with them as they grow and by the time they are of riding age, it is just the next step in a long process of a bond that has been built throughout their young life, and up I go! 

The DMRT3 is a tool for the buyer, not the owner! It is especially useful if you are purchasing a horse not of riding age. After watching a horse grow up, as a horseman, I have an idea of how difficult it will be to teach the horse to gait. I know what gait the horse has just by watching them over the years as they grow. However, if I am selling a young horse, the buyer is blindly purchasing based on what I say. That young horse may or may not have the gait that the buyer prefers to ride in (lateral or diagonal). This is an assurance for the buyer when purchasing a young horse.

Anyone can tell you what they "think" the horse's gait will be, even I think I can, and having run these tests my own gaited horses, I can tell you that the test has been accurate with regard to the horse's natural ability to gait. But, in my own purchase of horses, I have also found that sellers will often say what they think you want to hear because they want to SELL the horse. Running this genetic test, assures you that you are getting a natural gait.

I absolutely loose more money than I make on horses, even so I will not "sell" you a horse. But, what I will do is MATCH you with a horse. Then, I will sell you the horse. If the two of you don't make a good match, then I have NOT done right BY MY HORSE! A horse is too honest to cheat! He/she deserves to be done right. Because this is my feeling, I am offering you the added security of the DMRT3 so that you know exactly what you are buying. This test is especially useful when buying young horses! WITH THE DMRT3 GENE TEST, YOU'LL KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE GAIT YOU WANT!

If you're buying a riding horse, and you can see and ride the gait, then this test wouldn't be as important. But, given that gaited horses are in high demand, I find people buying them at a younger age these days. The DMRT3 will put you in the driver's seat when buying a young gaited horse!

ASK FOR THE dmrt3 test!

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