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Abccmm Dual Registered 

Mangalarga Marchador 

Zriracha InMotion

Zriracha InMotion

Name: Zriracha InMotion

Barn Name: Zrira (annunciation - Zai ra)

DOB: April 17th, 2022 - Easter Day Filly

USMMA Registry #: USM00000441

ABCCMM Registry #: coming soon

Color: chestnut/sorrel

Markings: blaze with socks on hind legs

Dam: Aliane Fazenda Zouga (see below)

Sire: Delmug dos Burges (see below)

Zriracha InMotion is a special gift. For years, we have prayed for our mare, Amora, to have a filly to continue her bloodlines. She's had 3 colts with us and a couple colts with a previous owner. Finally, very early on Easter morning, Amora had the most gorgeous, correct, sweet chestnut filly. She is fire engine red with a blaze and two socks on her hind legs. We are absolutely in love with her. She looks as though she'll have a batida gait, although we have seen some lateral movements in her transitions, so she may be able to learn picada once she is under saddle.

Zriracha looks much like her older half brother, Radeau. But, she is by a stud that I consider to be the best imported Marchador stallion in North America, Delmug dos Burges. Delmug was a champion Marchador in his region in Brazil. He was imported by C&C Bellandi and is an exceptional smooth. We could not be more pleased that Amora also gave us a filly when she was bred to the best stud in the entire country. Zriracha will not be offered for sale. She will remain with us along with her mother, and half brothers. 

BELOW: Sire - Delmug Dos Burges

BELOW: Dam - Aliane Fazenda Zouga

Photos Coming Soon​

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