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The Mountain Pleasure Horse is exactly as the name portrays! It is the oldest gaited breed in North America. In fact, the breed has been genetically proven through DNA to be the foundation of many gaited horse breeds in North America including the Rocky Mountain, the Tennessee Walking Horse, and the American Saddlebred. The MPH is a sure footed smooth riding horse with a willing, docile, intelligent nature. It is rarely seen outside of the Kentucky mountains and is considered to be an endangered breed.

Mountain Horses are an excellent compliment to our amazing Mangalarga Marchador horses. They are similar in size and build. They are a gaited breed that is bred to be sure footed through the terrain of the Kentucky Mountains. They are a rare breed with less than 3,000 alive today. I can assure you that we did not intend to take on another rare breed. Through our research on gaited horses that make great trail companions and endurance horses, we settled on the Kentucky Mountain Pleasure Horse. We also chose this bred because it has not been bred for a show ring which often results in reactive offspring with exaggerated gaits. The MPH has retained the original characteristics that were valuable to settlers who lived in the Appalachian Mountains and the Kentucky foothills. You will find that they are often referred to as the Old Kentucky Saddler horse. If you like the Mangalarga Marchador, we are sure the you will like the Mountain Pleasure Horse as well. Check back for updates in the fall of 2020. 

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