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Imported Marchador Broodmare - Jardineira da Boa Fe

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Breed: Mangalarga Marchador Mare

Registered Name: Jardineira da Boa Fe (aka - Jardi)

Registry: US Mangalarga Marchador Association

Registration #: 00000021

Registry: ABCCMM - The Brazilian Registry

Registration #: 131347-2

DOB: December 26th, 1998

Color: bay Markings: white star,

    two white socks on RF and RR

Sire: Camafeu da Boa Fe (bay)

Dam: Mangamar Hortencia (grey)

Gait: marcha batida

Marchadors InMotion mare, Jardineira da Boa Fe, is one of the finest bred; most proven mares in North America with 7 ELITE book stallions in her pedigree. Jardi has proven her ability to produce, adding five exceptional Mangalarga Marchador horses to the USMMA, making her one of the most valuable mares in North America.

Jardi has an extremely fast and smooth batida gait, choosing to gait while other horses canter. She is an athletic mare with the ability to clear small fences. When the rider asks her to engage in gait, she quickly moves onward and flattens out into the most comfortable batida gait. Jardineira is the spot-on representation of a true batida gaited mare.

In addition, Jardineira is a kind, willing horse. She is a wonderful mother to her foals, even allowing other mare's foals to eat her own food. She transfers this kind nature to humans, packing the most inexperienced rider through all sorts of trails. She is a courageous mare, usually the lead horse on the trail, yet she obligingly follows direction when asked to stay back. Not only is Jardi an excellent representation of a batida gaited mare, she is a superlative of the all-around Mangalarga Marchador mare.

The following is a listing of the ELITE book stallions in her parental pedigree:

ELITE Book Stallions:

       1) Laio da Maripa

       2) Abaiba Gim

       3) Providencia Regente

       4) Rima Apogeu

       5) Furacao Bela Cruz

       6) Abaiba Apogeu

       7) Abaiba Marengo

Above: video tribute to JARDI.

Above Right: reference photo of Jardi's sire, Camafeu da Boa Fe, stallion in Brazil, a son of Laio de Maripa who is the foundation slallion of Agro Maripa and grandsire of the semen of stallions semen imported by SW Future Foal.

Jardineira da Boa Fe

(aka - Jardi)

Below: Marchador mare, Jardi, in batida gait.

Below: Marchador mare, Jardi, putting up with her mother.

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