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RIP - September 12th, 2015

Marchador Filly - 4 Seasons Liberdade

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Breed: Mangalarga Marchador Filly

Registered Name: 4 Seasons Liberdade

Registry: US Mangalarga Marchador Association

Registry #: 000000237

DOB: July 4th, 2012

Color: palomino Markings: white star

Sire: Baluarte Piry (blue roan)

Dam: Cafundo Monalisa (buckskin)

Gait: centro

Marchadors InMotion filly, 4 Seasons Liberdade, is a beautiful rare palomino filly out of 4 Seasons Marchador mare, Cafundo Monalisa. Monalisa is one of the most stunning batida gaited mares in North America with a strikingly crested neckline and a page littered with ELITE book stallions. Liberdade is by 4 Seasons stallion, Baluarte Piry, one of the best bred stallions in North America with 6 ELITE book stallions in his pedigree. Bali is a rare blue roan in color and is a picada gaited stallion with the athleticism to perform batida as well.

Born on Independence Day, this filly earned the name Liberdade, meaning freedom in Portuguese. Liberdade is has an extremely fast gallop and is exceptionally athletic performing seamless flying lead changes. At liberty, this filly is centered and performs in picada as well as batida. We expect her to be classified as a floating picada gaited horse with the athleticism to perform batida when desired. This filly is an exceptional Mangalarga Marchador mare with 10 ELITE book stallions in her pedigree.

The following are the ELITE book stallions out of parental pedigrees:

DAM: Cafundo Monalisa

1) Moleque Tabaring

2) Tabatinga Tabatinga

3) Dominio da Joatinga

4) Herdade Jupia

NOTE: These are all Elite stallions on the page of this horse. I have not included any stallions past her page.

SIRE: Baluarte Piry

1) Zinabre de Passa Tempo

2) Segundo rio Verde Passa Tempo

3) Herdade Cadilac

4) Herdade Calbolto

5) Charlatao J.G.

6) Tabatinga Model

Reference Photo: sire, Balaurte Piry standing at

4 Seasons Marchadores. Photo by: Bonni Cazier

Below: a video of Liberdade as a foal. Video by Lori Silcher of 4 Seasons Marchador Ranch in MT. 


(aka - Dade)

sounds like: Da z Ay

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