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Marchador Filly - Yansa InMotion

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Breed: Mangalarga Marchador Filly

Registered Name: Yansa InMotion

Registry: US Mangalarga Marchador Association

Registration #: 000000233

DOB: June 26th, 2012

Color: bay Markings: sliver of a star

Sire: Frevo da Camaq (bay)

Dam: Jardineira da Boa Fe (bay)

Gait: marcha batida

Yansa InMotion is a exquisite bay filly with excellent conformation out of Marchadors InMotion mare, Jardineira da Boa Fe. Jardi is one of the best bred, proven mares in North America with 7 ELITE book stallions in her pedigree. Jardi has an extremely fast and smooth batida gait, choosing to gait while other horses canter. Yansa is by stallion, Frevo da Camaq, who is known throughout North America for his impeccably kind temperament and smooth picada gait. This combination has created an exquisite filly with a extremely kind nature.

Yansa earned her name after being born during a tropical storm. In South America, Yansa is the Goddess of Wind and Storms. During Yansa’s delivery, the rain and wind seemingly stopped, as if she willed the break in weather, four hours later the storm began again. At liberty, Yansa is highly athletic and sports an exceptionally fast batida gait making her the most athletic of the MIM weanlings of 2012. When cavorting around, she also shows broken periods of picada. We expect her to be classified as a batida gaited horse with the athleticism to perform picada under saddle. This filly will be a leading Mangalarga Marchador mare with ELITE book stallions in her


The following is a listing of the ELITE book stallions in her parental pedigree:

SIRE: Frevo da Camaq

ELITE Stallions:

    1) Maraja Tabatinga

DAM: Jardineira da Boa Fe

ELITE Stallions:

    1) Laio da Maripa

    2) Abaiba Gim

    3) Providencia Regente

    4) Rima Apogeu

    5) Furacao Bela Cruz

    6) Abaiba Apogeu

    7) Abaiba Marengo

Above Reference Photo: sire, Frevo da Camaq, was

known for is super picada gait and sweet temperament.

Yansa InMotion

(aka - Yaz)

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