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  Marchadors‚Äč InMotion

    Naturally Gaited Sport Horses   


ABCCMM Registered & Branded

Imported Mangalarga Marchador Stallion

Traituba Zumbido

Above: Zumbido doing Mounted Archery with Katie Sterns.


Barn Name: Zum

ABCCMM Registered Name: Traituba Zumbido

ABCCMM Registry Number: 017445-5

USMMA Registered Name: Traituba Zumbido

USMMARegistry Number: USM00000093

DOB: December 27th, 2000

Color: Grey (born dunskin)

Color Coat Test: Ee, AA, nCr, Dd, Gr

Sire: Radio Traituba A.A.

Dam: Esperanca Traituba J.F.

Gait: Picada

Zumbido is a proven Mangalarga Marchador imported stallion with five Elite Book champion stallions on his pedigree (visibly on his page). Those Elite Book stallions are:

     1. Traituba Auiso.

     2. Radio Traituba.

     3. Traituba Elite.

     4. Pegaso Traituba AA.

     5. Ara Terremoto.

Zum is also one of only a couple stallions in all of North America that is picada gaited. He is a dream boat to ride being five gaited with the ability to walk, pace, trot, and canter. He does both batida and picada under saddle. He was born a dunskin later became gray. During his career, he was used in mounted archery, as a trail horse, and numerous parades for the breed.

He produces excellent naturally gaited offspring. Contact us to arrange the breeding.