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2020 Kentucky Mountain Horse Filly

Tequila Sunrise InMotion

Barn Name: Sunny

Registered Name: Tequila Sunrise InMotion

Breed: Kentucky Mountain filly

Registry #: 202012001

Sire:  Rebels Run Whiskey

Dam:  Thunders Tequila

Color: Golden Champagne

Gait: coming soon

Sunny is a 2020 super friendly curious Kentucky Mountain filly. She is a rare color called Golden Champagne. Born and bred in Kentucky, we brought her home to Florida as a weanling in October 2020. She'll make an amazing riding mare and will throw some gorgeous colors with champagne in her genetics. She is a dark golden color with cotton candy blonde mane. 

Sunny is a courageous filly. She is non-reactive, not much scares her. She will make a solid trail horse. As for gait, this filly is all rock and roll. I believe she may be able to single foot. I love a good racking mare, such fun. Talk about blonde ambition! She's got it all. We are proud of the young filly!