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Imported ABCCMM Dual Registered 

Mangalarga Marchador Mare

Aliane Fazenda Zouga

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Barn Name: AMORA

ABCCMM Registered Name: Aliane Fazenda Zouga

Pronunciation: 'al lee on ee' , 'fa zen da', 'zeau go'

ABCCMM Registry Number: 091011-6

USMMA Registered Name: Aliane Fazenda Zouga

USMMA Registry Number: 000000126

DOB: December 15th, 2003

Coat Color Testing: Ee AA nCr D/d

Color: dunskin (incorrectly registered as buckskin)

Markings: Strip with snip, dorsal stripe, leg bars

Height: 15 hands

Sire: 1360 Netuno da Tosana (grey)

Dam: Gavea do Campo Real (bay roan)

Gait: marcha batida

Dual registered and imported, Marchadors InMotion mare, Aliane Fazenda Zouga, was awarded “Best Mare” at the Ocala 2012 International Marchador Clinic by the Brazilian ABCCMM Director of Inspections, Tiago Resendes Garcia, and by Kate Barcelos, the only female inspector for the ABCCMM. Aliane was judged on her conformation, gait, and demeanor. She is well decorated with 5 ELITE book stallions in her pedigree. Aliane has also proven her ability to produce. She has several exceptional horses on the ground, already under saddle. Two are endurance gaited sport horses.

Aliane has an exceptionally smooth batida gait, choosing to gait while other horses canter. She is used as a lesson horse, a trail horse, and has completed in several children’s short stirrup and hunter shows. She is an athletic mare with the ability to trot and clear small fences exactly as a non-gaited horse would do. Aliane has the typical batida march that is highly valued by the Brazilians as a stock horse. It’s the classic soldier march that gave the Marchador it’s name.

In addition, Aliane is a kind noble horse. She is a wonderful mother to her babies and is the dominant mare when at pasture. She is kind-natured to humans and will pack virtually any type of rider and discipline. She rides English and neck reins as well. Not only is Aliane an excellent representation of a batida gaited mare, she is an exceptional all-around Mangalarga Marchador mare. With her striking color and refined head, she is what most would refer to as a “dream horse.” Her main job with MIM is as a broodmare. She is currently in foal to a Marchador stud. 

The following is a listing of the ELITE book stallions in her parental pedigree:

     1) Abaiba Gim

     2) Netuno AJ

     3) Herdade Cadilac

     4) Herdade Prateado

     5) Abaiba Morengo

NOTE: These are all Elite stallions on the page of this horse. I have not included any stallions past her page.

Reference Photo: sire, 1360 Netuno da Tosana, in Brazil. This horse is also

the sire of Ator Fazenda Zouga, the breeding stallion at Flying Oaks Ranch.

Above: Amora with Sandy Kambic of Haras Lucero

Aliane Fazenda Zouga

(aka - Amora)

Above: Tiago Resendes Garia, ABCCMM veterinarian and inspector, riding Amora at the 2012 Marchador Clinic in Ocala where she was awarded Best Mare.  

Note on Above: Mare In FOAL.

Above: Amora with Bill Kambic of Haras Lucero

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