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Videos of Picada & Batida - Mangalarga Marchador

Disclaimer: The video clips below are NOT videos of horses at Marchadors InMotion. They are strictly included in this section so that those learning about the breed are able to distinguish between the batida gaited horse and the picada gaited horse. This also serves as a comparison reference for those familiar with other gaited breeds.

Above: my favorite batida, little to no bounce. This horse is in Brazil, but has a son here in the USA.

Above: a 2010 champion picada Marchador located in Brazil.

Above: a nice smooth picada gaited homozygous black and white pampa (pinto) Marchador in Brazil. 

Above: The National Champions of 2018. The video includes both picada & batida gaited Marchadors.

Above: another smooth batida Marchador.

Above: Here's a fun video of Brazilians using Marchadors at a small sorting competition in Brazil.

Above: this is a picada gaited Marchador in Brazil.

Above: white horse is in picada. Video of Marchadors from 4 Seasons Marchador Ranch in Montana. Owner: Lori Silcher.

Above: another black and white pampa (pinto) Marchador in pacida gait. 

Videos below are random videos that show the Mangalarga Marchador in action!