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ABCCMM Registered & Branded

Mangalarga Marchador Gelding

Brioso do InMotion

Barn Name: BRIOSO

ABCCMM Registered Name: Brioso do InMotion

ABCCMM Registered Number: 040869

USMMA Registered Name: 4 Seasons Brioso

USMMA Registry Number: USM00000239

Foaling Date: June 29th, 2012

Color Coat Testing: Ee Aa

Color: bay roan

Height: 14.3 hands

Sex: Gelding

Sire: Baluarte Piry (blue roan)

Dam: Brava Fazenda Zouga (bay)

Gait: marcha do centro


Marchadors InMotion gelding, Brioso do InMotion, is one of our Mangalarga Marchadors who is exceptionally well gaited. He is a handsome rare bay roan out of Marchador mare, Brava Fazenda Zouga. Brava is one of the most decorated batida gaited mares in North America with 6 ELITE book stallions in her pedigree. Brioso is by a stallion, Baluarte Piry, one of the best bred stallions in North America, also with 6 ELITE book stallions in his pedigree. Bali is an uncommon blue roan in color and is a picada gaited stallion with the athleticism to perform batida as well. With such a decorated pedigree, Brioso is possibly the best bred Marchador in all of North America.

This guy is the definition of a gaiting machine! He earned the name Brioso as a baby running circles around his dam. Brioso means spunky in Portuguese. Brioso gaits at liberty in batida, and when he is showing off, he seamlessly moves into picada. On top of his outstanding natural gait, he is exceptionally athletic performing flying lead changes effortlessly as he gallops through his paddock. Brioso will be classified is a genuine batida gaited horse that is centered enough to perform picada as well. In addition to this natural gait, Brioso’s pedigree is over flowing with ELITE blood. He is a premier Mangalarga Marchador with a pedigree boasting an unheard of 12 ELITE book stallions! 

The following are the ELITE book stallions on his pedigree showing ONLY the ELITE stallions on his registration page:

DAM: Brava Fazenda Zouga

     Elite Stallions:

          1) Retalho da Porteira de Tabau

          2) Netuno A.J.

          3) Abaiba Gim

          4) Abaiba Remo

          5) Abaiba Morengo

          6) 443 Marengo da Tosana

SIRE: Baluarte Piry

     Elite Stallions:

          1) Zinabre de Passa Tempo

          2) Segundo rio Verde Passa Tempo

          3) Herdade Cadilac

          4) Herdade Calbolto

          5) Charlatao J.G.

          6) Tabatinga Model

Reference photo: Baluarte Piry, standing at 4 Seasons Marchadores. Photo: Bonnie Cazier

Brioso InMotion

Below:  The photos below were taken at 2 years of age. 

Mangalarga Marchador Stallions at Stud

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