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ABCCMM Dual Registered

Mangalarga Marchador

Cheveyo do InMotion

Frozen Semen Ava​ilable

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Barn Name: Cheveyo

ABCCMM Registered Name: Cheveyo InMotion

Pronunciation: 'cha vay o'

ABCCMM Registry Number: 13781

USMMA Registered Name: Cheveyo do MManor

USMMA Registry Number: USM00000185

DOB: March 20th, 2009

Sire: Frevo da Camaq (Bay)

Dam: Erva-Doca de Tesouro (buckskin)

Gait: marcha do centro

         (picada under saddle, batida at liberty)

Available for stud at private treaty


With a pedigree boasting numerous ELITE book stallions, Cheveyo do InMotion, has the perfect combination of all the characteristics one desires in a Mangalarga Marchador stallion. This is a “real” Mangalarga Marchador! Gait? Exceptionally natural and smooth! Docility? A true gentleman! Versatility? He can jump, gait, and canter, and it’s done in an elegant, smooth and fluid motion.

At liberty, Cheveyo is marcha batida. Under saddle, Cheveyo is set to move in picada. At a faster speed, I ask Cheveyo to move in batida. Cheveyo is closer to the center of the marcha scale (read my section on breeding for gait) making him an extremely enjoyable riding horse. This centered ability allows for versatility making him an amazing saddle horse and a remarkable equitation horse. This stallion is exceptional among Marchador stallions in North America!

Cheveyo gets his name from the North American Hopi Indian Tribe. It means “spirit warrior.” Cheveyo is the most non-reactive horse I have ever had the pleasure to train. He literally thinks his way through every obstacle he approaches. He is brave-hearted yet curious in nature. At the same time, he has the kindest, most lovable demeanor that is unmatched by any stallion I have known, even his own sire who was also a favorite horse of mine. This type of disposition can only be found when bred it is into an animal. This horse is the true representation of a real Mangalarga Marchador.

Cheveyo is superb in a classic representative of the breed with his wonderful mind. You will see him working freely with no halter or leads. You will see him lay down, free lunge with direction changes, and gait under saddle. All this with only a minimal amount of training.

Above: Marchador stallion, having fun.

Above: Cheveyo in his marcha picada gait.

Above: video of some of Cheveyo's sires

Above: marcha picada under saddle

Cheveyo do InMotion

Known for his calm demeanor & intelligence

Above: marcha Batida at liberty

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