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Marchadors InMotion Philosophy

At Marchadors InMotion, our focus is QUALITY, not quantity. We take great pride in our horses. They are given the utmost care ranging from veterinarian work to tasks as simple as keeping the bridle path trimmed. Each horse is on a customized feeding program designed specifically for their individual needs so that they receive the nutrition that is critical for proper muscle and bone development as well as optimum performance levels. Each horse’s hoofs are trimmed according to their varying growth patterns so that they have the proper balance in order to work optimally and be less susceptible to injury. Farrier work is such an integral part of caring for the horse that it can have a dramatic effect on even the best horse if it is not properly completely. We use one of the best farriers available in Ocala.

Have you ever seen a horse that lacks shine in his coat, has brittle feet, stress lines or worse? You won’t find that here at Marchadors InMotion. Years of family tradition has been handed down, giving us a wealth of information to properly care for horses. We are located in Ocala, Florida, The Horse Capital of the World, home to some of the most knowledgeable horsemen, farriers, and equine clinicians in the world. Nothing but the best of the best in care for our horses.

Owning and operating Marchadors InMotion is not just a business, it is our passion. We want to keep all the wonderful attributes that have been bred into the Marchador. We are in this business because of the kind, willing disposition, smooth ride, intelligence, and versatility of these horses. These horses have touched our hearts like no other breed. At Marchadors InMotion, our goal is to breed and develop a higher quality Marchador in North America as well as help owners learn how to engage their horse’s gait. As with any animal, you will find varying quality in the Marchador horses in this country. As quoted by the Brazilians, "Champion lines do not always lead to champion off-spring or even a good gait." We breed for a gait that you can see with the naked eye.

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