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The Marchadors InMotion Story

Brooke feels lucky to have been born into a family whose passion was breeding and training horses for a living. She often comments that she was “riding before she was born.” If you get to know her, you’ll find her most often bragging about her parents and less about herself. She is a passionate, humble equine enthusiast who carries on a family tradition in working with horses. 



Brooke's parents were in the equestrian industry for over 60 years. They founded and operated Triangle Fox Hunt in Raleigh, NC where her father also acted as the Hound Master. As their love for horses expanded, the formation of Horseshoe Acres Riding Stable was formed, also in Raleigh. Horseshoe Acres flourished, so much so, they expanded to Washington, D.C. where they owned and operated the largest riding stable in the country, Pegasus Meadowbrook Riding Stable, averaging 750 students a week.

While living in D.C., her father managed the Washington International and was responsible for all equestrian events. He then went on to organize and manage the equine meets for the Pan American Games. The family also traveled the U.S. judging at various horse shows. They remained highly involved with Hunters until her father claimed a Thoroughbred race horse.

Brooke remembers much of her childhood experiences with her family and the horses as if it was yesterday. However, one particular summer stands out in her mind. It was the summer she and her father visited the race track where his newly claimed race horse was in training. Looking back, she could “see the wheels turning” in her father’s head. He must have been thinking how he could condition the horse better himself. One thing led to another, and they sold the riding stables, finding themselves solely in the horse racing industry where they became quite successful, ultimately landing in the Horse Capital of the World: Ocala, Florida. They remain in Ocala even after her father’s passing.

Brooke is quite proud of her parents. As for herself, she successfully showed in equitation and hunters as a child. At the age of 13, she began galloping Thoroughbred race horses at the training track for her father. She traveled with him on many of his adventures where he would give her tasks to complete in effort to teach her about horses and horsemanship. She remembers being on the road with him going to various horse shows and sales. For every horse he considered buying, he had the “owners walk the horse and stand it up properly” while he had her point out its conformation. This gave her the ability to look at a horse and instantly judge its conformation. Because of this ability, the FFA sought her out to join their equine judging team in high school where they competed and won state competitions.

Brooke then when on to college, received her Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida and worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in human medicine. Much to her excitement, she was able to transfer into the animal health industry and worked as a Regional Equine Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, exclusively calling on equine veterinarians for the largest animal health diagnostic company in the world until her division was sold. She then moved back home to Ocala to be closer to family.


Only a few months after moving home, she was introduced to an uncommon breed of horse to North America, the Mangalarga Marchador. It is here where her life changed, and she fell in love with this breed and became intertwined with the Mangalarga Marchador. Since then she has immersed herself with learning even the most menial details about the breed, from the bloodlines to attending clinics conducted by Brazilian veterinarians and technicians where she learned training techniques directly from Brazilians, to watching video after video of Marchadors in working in gait. In her free time, she still studies these gaiting videos taking in all that she can in effort to perfect her own training methods of the Mangalarga Marchador. This passion has evolved into her chosen entity name, Marchadors InMotion, where she focuses her energies on training and holding the gait of these incredibly smooth horses while keeping her breeding operation at a manageable level so that each horse gets the proper attention it deserves.


Though Marchadors InMotion is still in its infancy, as is the breed here in the States, it is already widely respected within the Marchador community. Brooke works closely with some the most well-regarded Marchador breeders in the country. If you’re looking for a Marchador or you need help training your Marchador, Marchadors InMotion is currently the only Marchador owner in the eastern part of the country who offers training and boarding exclusively for the Mangalarga Marchador. If you are interested training, breeding, or buying a Marchador, please contact us.

Left to right: Lori Silcher of 4 Seasons Marchador Ranch, Tiago Garcia Resendes - the ABCCMM Director, Faye Little and Brooke Little of Marchadors InMotion at the 2013 International Marchador Clinic held in Helena, Montana.

Above: Brooke Little and 4 Seasons Ana Raio won the Mare Division in the Complete Horse Test at the Montana 2013 International Marchador Clinic. For information on Ana, contact 4 Seasons Marchadores & Lori Silcher.

Above: Brooke Little with 3 yr old stallion, Cheveyo, at the Ocala 2012 International Marchador Clinic.

Above: Brooke Little (costume designer/painter) riding stallion, Cheveyo, during Halloween 2012.

Above: MIM Marchador mare, Aliane Fazenda Zouga, winning Best Mare at the Ocala 2012 International Marchador Clinic with Sandy Kambic of Haras Lucero.

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